We Provide Automotive Hail Repair In Colorado Springs Through The Method Of Paintless Dent Repair, PDR. &nbsp
We Service Customers, Fleets, and Dealerships.

Automotive Hail Repair

We fix every aspect of your hail damage and guarantee to make your vehicle look beautiful again.

 With over 25+ years of industry experience, Certified Technicians, Life-Time Warranty, and our $0 Deductible Program, it’s evident that Evident PDR is the smart choice when it comes to restoring your hail damaged vehicle.



What is PDR? : Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is not only the most efficient, cost-effective, and trusted method for restoring your hail damaged vehicle, It’s also considered throughout the tight-knit industry a true display of artistic ability. 

Just as a sculptor takes hours to carve a masterpiece out of stone, a PDR Technician meticulously massages dents out of the body of the vehicle, leaving it flawless

Technicians spend years honing the skills required for flawless Paintless Dent Repair and you can be confident the quality is Evident in every vehicle.

Hail Should Dent Your Vehicle.

Not Your Wallet.

We Pay Your Insurance Deductible, Seriously.

Demand The Very Best

We Pay Deductible

Keep Your Money

Faster Repair Times

Keys Back Sooner


25+ Year Experience

Military Staffed

Loaded With Knowledge

Lifetime Warranty

Repair With Confidence

Dealership Trusted

Trusted and Respected

What Do We Have

We Have A Large Garage So We Can Service Fleets and Dealerships
We Have A Large Garage So We Can Service Fleets and Dealerships
We Take Tools Into Tight Spots to Remove Dents Through PDR.
Technician is removing dents from a hood.
Removing Dents From A Roof Require The Headliner To Be Taken Down
Technician is removing dents from a hood.

Fix My Dammage

Have a question or want to chat about your repair? There’s no better time to get started than now and there’s no better facilty to work with than Evident PDR. Fill out the form below and our service repreentative will get right to you.