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Hail Repair Colorado Springs

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$0, You Pay Nothing

No Deductible. $0 out of pocket repair on all auto hail insurance claims. FREE vehicle hail damage inspection. Guaranteed!
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is the official repair method approved by all insurance companies, manufacturers, dealerships, and body shops.
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

Free Detail Included

We go above and beyond to make your car look new again by including a FREE Professional Detail with each hail repair.

All Insurance Accepted

We work with your insurance company from the moment you drop off to pick up, making the repair process hassle free.
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

Dealership & Fleets

Are you a local dealership or have a fleet of vehicles with hail damage? Our large garage ensures multiple vehicles can undergo repairs and be stored safely.

Valet Offered

Don't have time to drop off your vehicle? Let us schedule a time to pick up your vehicle to have repairs done from your home or work.
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

$200 Referral Bonus

Refer a friend for hail repair and receive $200.00 after repairs! It's that simple!

Free Estimates

We provide Free Estimates for repair and always inform each customer of our hail repair process. Have questions? We have answers.

Schedule Your Free Estimate Today!

We Pay Your Deductible.

Don’t let insurance deductibles get in your way from repairing your hail damaged vehicle! We pay your deductible so everyone with coverage can get back on the road with $0 out of pocket. Guaranteed.

$200 Referral Program

Our  Referral Program is simple: refer a friend, your mom, your colleague, the kid next door, whoever, to Evident PDR for hail repair and when they have their hail damage repaired with us, YOU receive $200 bucks. It’s that easy! 

Hail Repair Colorado Springs
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is not only the most efficient, cost-effective, and trusted method for restoring your hail damaged vehicle, It’s also considered a true display of artistic ability throughout the tight-knit industry.Just as a sculptor takes hours to carve a masterpiece out of stone, a PDR Technician meticulously massages dents out of the body of the vehicle, leaving it flawless. 

We are certified master craftsmen and are affiliated with NAPDRT.

We service Dealerships and Fleets

We work closely with automotive dealerships and fleet managers. Our large service space can accommodate many vehicles, allowing us to safely store them while we make repairs. Every vehicle goes through a Quality Control review before leaving the shop to ensure nothing is missed. We can even fix damaged vinyl lettering or apply window tint while your hail damage is being fixed.

We are proud of the trust dealerships place in us!  

Hail Repair Colorado Springs
Hail Repair Colorado Springs

Free Detail Included During Hail Repair

After your hail repair we provide a free interior and exterior detail to our customers so your vehicle is looking great inside and out! We vacuum, remove trash and debris, apply interior cleaner, thoroughly wash the outside and even apply a tire shine! A $250 value Free with repair.

We Accept All Insurance Companies

We work with all insurance companies big and small so everyone is eligible for repairs. We go to bat for you to make sure your vehicle gets every penny it needs when it comes to repairs. We replace everything from windshields, trim, antenna, spoilers, roofs, and even emblems! If you have a question about the insurance process and filing a claim please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Hail Repair Colorado Springs Process:
A Step-By-Step Break Down

Bring your hail damaged vehicle in for your 100% Free, No Obligation Estimate. Once you’ve received your estimate, drop off your vehicle with us. If you need a ride, just let us know!
• Already have an open claim? Bring your claim number with you!
• Not sure how to file a claim? We’re happy to help, just ask!
• Our team of leading industry professionals will thoroughly assess the damage to your vehicle. We then determine what is needed to make your vehicle look like new.

We deal directly with your insurance company, saving you the hassle! We liaison with the adjuster, setting up an inspection and getting everything approved before work begins. We go to bat for you, making sure you get every dollar towards the repair that you deserve! 

Not Repairing With Your Insurance? Not having the right insurance after your vehicle has been damaged in a hail storm can be expensive! But, hail doesn’t have to dent your car and your wallet!
We work with our clients to make hail repair affordable. Repair work will begin on your vehicle only after you sign off on an agreed price.

Using the method of Paintless Dent Repair our master technicians meticulously restores your vehicle’s exterior to like new condition. 

What Is PDR? Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is the official repair method approved by all insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, and body shops. Paintless dent repair does not get reflected in any Car Fax reports and leaves your vehicle looking like new! It does not harm paint or parts and every repair comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. PDR is the art of massaging dents out of the vehicle’s body by pressing from underneath of the metal or aluminum and by gently smoothing out the top with a specialized hammer. In hard to reach areas we use a method called glue-pulling to gently pull a dent up with an adhesive assistant. At Evident PDR we only use trained and certified PDR technicians.

If needed on your vehicle we will perform additional repairs on the exterior, including traditional body and paint work. We also repair or replace glass with our in-house glass team, Peakview Autoglass.

Hail can damage things other than your vehicle’s exterior, such as trim or chrome elements. We replace all such components as part of the repair process at no addtional cost to you. 

After repairs are completed we  perform a thorough diagnostic of your vehicle to ensure every dent, ding, skratch, and part replacement has been addressed to our top standards. 

This step is included as a courtesy for every customer! We thoroughly deep clean and detail your vehicle’s interior and exterior. This Full Detail Clean is valued at $250.00 and is included FOR FREE with your hail repair.

Once we are 100% satisfied with the quality of your repair as well as the cleanliness of your vehicle we release it to you. Vehicle drop off is available, just let us know when and where we can reunite you! 

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