Q: When Can I Bring My Car To Evident PDR?

After you file your claim and have a claim number you can bring your car to Evident PDR for repair.

The insurance company will likely ask to look at your car; However, bringing it into the shop is in your best interest. Most insurance companies will provide a lower estimate for repair than what is actually required: either because they evaluated it in the sun, instead of inside, where the glare can cause dents to be missed, or They will write an estimate low with the expectation the customer will keep the money without repairing the vehicle.

We help to make sure this doesn’t happen by providing a certified estimate by one of our technicians.

**It is estimated that between 50 to 70% of hail damage claims are not repaired. The insurance companies take advantage of this knowledge. This saves them from having to pay the actual damage cost to the vehicle and can save them hundreds of millions of dollars yearly. If it is economically feasible for your situation and vehicle’s worth, it is best to have the repairs done. This will help ensure a fair settlement.

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